Pablo M. Lee

Pablo M. Lee

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC enhanced their automated scanning solutions with the launch of IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro for integration with the ColorCert Suite.

IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro deliver instant feedback to the press operator about job performance after each color measurement, allowing print operators to make immediate adjustments to correct color drift.

Full integration between ColorCert Suite and IntelliTrax2 Pro or eXact Auto-Scan Pro allows press operators to easily implement an end-to-end connected workflow solution for daily press side-scanning and scorecard reporting into brand packaging quality control programs

“As more consumer package goods (CPG) brands implement packaging quality control programs and monitor color tolerances, converters and package printers need color measurement solutions that integrate directly with scorecard systems,” Ray Cheydleur, Printing and Imaging Product Portfolio manager, X-Rite. “The new IntelliTrax2 Pro and eXact Auto-Scan Pro are part of a powerful G7-aligned workflow that provides press operators with performance visibility, real-time guidance on how to achieve the desired colors quickly, and seamless reporting back to the ColorCert Scorecard Server.”

Sappi Europe will increase prices of all of its Packaging and Speciality paper grades by 7%-11%, valid for deliveries from 1 April 2021.

In a statement, the paper manufacturer said: “Sharply rising input costs, particularly relevant to pulp and energy in combination with very high freight rates due to global logistic constraints make price increases unavoidable.

In January, the company had already announced an increase to the price of its coated and uncoated woodfree paper grades by 8%-10% across Europe. This increase, on sheets and reels, was due to be implemented “by 1 March at the latest”.

Also, Flint Group Packaging said it intends to increase the prices of its ink and coating products, also effective as of 1 April 2021, though specifics on the increases were not available at the time of writing.

The company said it is facing “an extraordinarily turbulent set of supply chain conditions, exacerbated by the global pandemic” and that its costs are increasing and supply is tightening across almost all procurement categories.

“The unusual set of supply chain conditions currently witnessed are some of the most severe I have seen. Our business is facing substantial cost and availability headwinds, across multiple raw material categories. Resins, solvents and pigments, including titanium dioxide, are particularly problematic.” Doug Aldred, Presiden, Flint Group Packaging Inks.

Tarsus Group, organizer of the Labelexpo Global Series of exhibitions and summits, has announced that Labelexpo Europe will now take place at the Brussels Expo Centre on April 26-29, 2022.

The next edition of Labelexpo Americas, meanwhile, will take place on September 13-15, 2022 at the Donald E. Stevens Conventional Center in Rosemont, Chicago.

At the same time Tarsus announced a new event, Label Congress 2021, which takes place from September 29 - October 1st, also at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center.

“Due to continuing uncertainty about the speed of the vaccine rollout in Europe and the ability of our global visitors to travel to Brussels, we have made the decision, in consultation with our exhibitors, to postpone Labelexpo Europe until April 2022. Label Congress 2021 will be our first physical gathering for the US label industry since the pandemic began, and we look forward to welcoming attendees to this keynote event.” Lisa Milburn, managing director of the Tarsus Labels, Packaging and Brand Print group.

“It is definitely the right decision to move Labelexpo Europe to April 2022, when we should have returned to some sort of normality as regards international travel and social mixing. I for one cannot wait. I am really missing the buzz from walking the aisles of the world’s leading label show, seeing first hand new technology from the world’s leading suppliers, meeting with old friends and making new contacts.” Chris Ellison, managing director of OPM Labels & Packaging group and president of European label federation FINAT.

Printing Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA) has announced the new dates for the Printpack India – 20 to 24 December 2021.

The 15th edition of this international exhibition was originally scheduled at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, from 3 to 8 February 2021 but Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and pandemic and the ensuing lockdown constraints the exhibition was postponed to December 2021.



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During the past decades, the demand for sustainability has been amplified around the world and it is something in which the digital printing industry has been very involved in order to reduce its footprint.

From 1965 to 2019, carbon dioxide levels increased from 320 parts per million (ppm) to 408 ppm, making the earth warmer every decade.

As result of the pandemic lockdown, the decrease in oil demand was reflected in its prices, which fell to levels never seen before. This makes us see that we can make changes towards sustainability. Industrial companies are now scrambling to deploy more renewable energy sources for industrial applications.

While the world was in lockdown during the start of the pandemic, energy consumption was down roughly 25%, and global CO2 emissions down 8%. But as life gradually returns to normal, companies in general have realized their responsibility in the transition to a much more sustainable form of business.

Sustainable printing methods are becoming more and more popular as individuals and businesses work to reduce their environmental footprint. There are an increasing number of environmentally friendly printers that are more eco-friendly, with energy saving features and also incredibility efficient. Advances in technology allow suppliers to produce sustainable printed material with no effect on quality or in price.

Environmentally friendly innovations

LED UV Printing

UV-LED printing is one of the best ‘green’ printing innovations, which has been on the market for a few years now. It uses less power than traditional print-drying technology and the instant on/off functionality reduces standby consumption between jobs and reduces overall CO2 emissions and the instant drying process means there’s no need for an anti-set off powder spray or a sealing coat.

Ecocracy recyclable banner

This recyclable fabric for banners and signage was developed by combining Toppan’s processing technologies with Dow’s plastics expertise.

This material enables banners and signage printed on this substrate to be re-pelletized as a recycled resin, which can then be blended with timber from wood waste to produce wood-plastic composite materials for such items as benches, floors, and plant pots.


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Toppan Printing has developed an eco-friendly manufacturing method for offset printing that combines oil-based biomass ink with water-based varnish.

ECOLUSTER use of plant-derived material and the absence of UV lamps make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions associated with raw ink materials and the printing process by roughly 34% compared with general UV offset printing.


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Paper tube-pouch

Toppan Printing developed a new paper-based version of the existing tube-pouch, which is shaped like a tube and easy to squeeze like a pouch. The paper tube-pouch is ideal for use in the food, toiletry, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Due to the use of thinner film material, the conventional tube-pouch is easier to squeeze and uses 30% less plastic than the type of laminated tube widely used for toothpaste. The new paper tube-pouch maintains the tube-pouch’s functionality while demonstrating better environmental performance by employing a paper-based material for the body, making possible a 50% reduction in plastic volume. Coupled with a redesign of the plastic parts of the head section, this enables plastic to be reduced by a total of 65%.


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Plastic Recycling Scheme for Multilayer Packaging

Toyo Ink and ITOCHU entered into a cooperative agreement to develop an innovative plastic recovery technology for multilayered flexible packaging, where a deinking coating agent and a delaminating adhesive are applied to the plastic film surrounding the ink layers. After use, the packaging waste is subjected to an alkaline treatment in which the coating agent, adhesive and interlaying ink layers are cleanly released from the film substrate. This results in the recovery of high-quality plastic material that can then be reused to create products of new value, making currently unrecyclable multilayer plastic packaging into a recyclable material.


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Biodegradable Polyurethane Adhesive

Toyochem has developed a new series of biodegradable pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), marketed under the Cyabines eries of polyurethane PSAs, suitable for materials for the packaging, construction, agriculture, etc.

By using plant-derived raw materials, the Cyabine adhesive achieves a biomass content on a dry weight basis of up to 45%. This means the product can reduce CO2 emissions throughout the lifecycle of the newly developed product, without compromising on adhesive performance.

The new PSA system demonstrates biodegradation rates of 60% or higher after 60 days. When combined with other biodegradable materials used in a wide range of products, it helps to improve the overall biodegradability of these products.


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Gerber Technology announced new releases of their key software solutions, AccuMark 2D and 3D, AccuPlan, AccuNest and YuniquePLM. Gerber has worked closely with their customers on each of these new releases to ensure fashion and apparel companies have the support they need to recover from the global pandemic and transform their business to meet the challenges ahead for 2021. According to McKinsey, The State of Fashion 2021 report, the pandemic has increased the demand for digital transformation, which is why Gerber’s latest releases are focused on better integration and more automation from design to production. With the AccuMark Product Family, February 2021 edition and YuniquePLM version 8.11, fashion companies will be able to easily transition to a demand-led model while improving remote collaboration and overall working conditions.

“We are committed to being the partner the industry needs which is why we work closely with our customers on every release,” said Melissa Rogers, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Software at Gerber. “The fashion industry is facing a challenging time as they recover from the pandemic and look to the challenges that are ahead. We really wanted to make sure that they have the solutions and support they need to keep their doors open and build a foundation for a successful future.”

Gerber Technology

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Epson announced the availability for its new 24-inch SureColor T3170M and 36-inch SureColor T5170M multifunction printers, featuring a sleek design and compact footprint, the new printers are designed to enhance workflow and support seamless collaboration ideal for today’s remote working environment. The models tout an integrated high-detail scanner with simple top-loading functionality for easy copy and scanning of blueprints, technical documents, renderings, and graphics. Built for professionals in the construction, architecture, engineering, and CAD printer markets.

“A lot has changed in our work environments in the last year, and these models are ideal for businesses looking for a multifunction device that will conveniently fit into modern work from home and small office environments,” said Jacob Hardin, product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “From the small footprint to the advanced features and multifunction capabilities, the new SureColor T3170M and T5170M were designed to help industry professionals increase productivity and create stunning CAD, GIS, architectural, or engineering technical drawings.”

Epson SureColor T-series

Epson SureColor T-series

French print software developer Caldera has added drivers for the new HP Latex 700 and 800 printers to its award-winning RIP program. CalderaRIP Version 14 can now be used to operate all four of the new HP Latex models, enabling HP users to get the most out of the new technology with drivers they already know and trust. The certification of the new drivers will ensure that Caldera continues to offer continuity and serve customers’ needs in the fast-moving digital print market.

The new additions to the HP Latex range offer a combination of consistent, high-quality printing on a wide range of substrates with fast turnaround times. With speeds of up to 334 square feet per hour for the Latex 700 and up to 388 square feet per hour for the Latex 800, these printers are also extraordinarily versatile – applications include textile, banners, signage, vehicle wraps, home décor, packaging, transparent vinyl, window and backlit printing. The Latex 700W and 800W have additionally been optimized for white ink, expanding the range of these printers even further. Used in combination with CalderaRIP Version 14 they deliver excellent productivity gains, and promise a fast return on investment.

HP driver software Caldera

HP driver software Caldera

The Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED is Agfa’s new flagship, targeted to the high end of the sign & display market. The UV LED inkjet engine prints media up to 3.3 m wide in four or six colors at a speed up to 600 m²/h.

“The Jeti Tauro was already a synonym for highly productive hybrid printing with advanced automation, yet with the Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED, we have raised the bar even more,” says Reinhilde Alaert, product manager sign & display at Agfa. “When developing this new flagship, we went all out to make it fit for extreme workloads. On top of that, it is a versatile all-in-one machine that can print rigids and sheets as well as roll materials at the highest quality and the lowest ink consumption. It is the epitome of our ‘Extreme Productivity. Extreme Quality.”

On March 9th, Agfa will host a virtual event dedicated to the new Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED under the heading “Meet the beast.” Presentations covering market trends, as well as the new printer’s features and benefits, will be alternated with expert talks about applications and advanced workflow and color management.


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Thursday, 11 March 2021 15:07

SGI Dubai 2021 Virtual Show

The 24th edition of the SGI Dubai show went live only that this time due to the pandemic it was in virtual mode. As in previous years, several global and regional exhibitors including Canon, Epson, Magic Trading, Heliozid, Klieverik, Extris, TORS, Rollsroller, Union Elecom among others were present at this great event. The virtual platform engaged with thousands of local, regional and international stakeholders.

The keynote address was delivered by Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA. As President, CEO and Board Director of DPAA, Mr. Frey has overseen, for several years, the global trade and marketing association that leads the digital transformation of Out of Home (OOH) advertising.

During the three days that the exhibition lasted there were several webinars and innovative product launches. The show had a record 3441 booth visits logged through the SGI Dubai virtual platform.

Among the most important revelations that we can highlight is the introduction by Epson Middle East of their SC-R5010 and SC-R5010L printer, in addition to to the SC-V7000 which has been designed with the customer in mind.

Also during the show Canon showcased their next-generation UVgel Colorado printers with flexible inks and matte/gloss, and their Arizona series based on UV-curable ink, among other products.

Klieverik showcased a vast range of calenders for dye sublimation and fixation for dispersed dyes and pigments right from a small entry-level calender up to a 5m large format calender for single pieces and roll-to-roll production.

SGI Dubai 2021 Virtual Show was also home to players from the 3D printing industry. Tors General showcased some of their products during the show. This company is the first in the nation to design and manufacture their very own 3D printer, and to provide large-scale 3D prints.

From June 22-24, 2021, IEC will be launching two new virtual events:

SGI Connect: a virtual business matchmaking event where the organizers will bring together sign makers/advertising companies and corporates on a common platform to meet and do business.

SGI Digital: a virtual event focused on Digital Signage segment, bringing to this region the latest in Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home industry.

For almost two decades we have had the opportunity to be present at one of the bigest exhibitions in the Middle East "SGI Dubai". The importance of this exhibition makes great brands from around the world always want to be present in this market. Unfortunately due to the current situation this year there could not be a physical exhibition but this did not stop the organizers who found in technology a window to the world. I hope to be present next year in such a great exhibition and thus be able to see the new technologies that large companies present during the sow. See you on 2022.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 20:46

Sustainable Packaging

The right packaging is an important key to a successful product marketing. It works with your brand to broaden appeal and connect with your consumers.

The packaging industry plays a very important role in everyday life. Proof of this is that during this pandemic, that affects us all, it has not stopped for a single moment and has even doubled its productivity to meet the growing demand with increasingly extensive requirements. Both in food, medicine, hygiene, and other products.

Sustainable packaging is a relatively new addition to the environmental considerations for packaging. However, engaging in sustainable practices isn’t something that’s increasingly becoming the standard. Sustainable Packaging is simply packaging that is more sustainable or better for the environment. Reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprint.

This can happen in a number of ways:

  • Using raw 100% recycled or raw materials
  • Creating a circular economy around the packaging, extending its lifecycle.
  • Creating secondary uses and application for this
  • According to the European Packaging Association 68% of European consumers admit that making environmentally-friendly decisions has become more important to them over the past five years

    Many companies have committed to the development, improvement and application of this type of packaging, among which we can find:

    Frugal Paper Bottle

    Frugalpac offers an alternative to glass and a reduced packaging for these products.

    Frugal Bottle is a paper wine bottle made from 94% recycled paper with a food-grade liner to hold the wine or spirit.

    It uses Frugalpac technology to create a more sustainable bottle that’s lighter, uses recycled materials and can be recycled fully after use. The bottle is lighter than a normal glass bottle and uses 77% less plastic than a plastic bottle.

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    Multipack KeelClip

    Graphic Packaging International has designed the KeelClip system as a plastic-free replacement for beverage-can multipack carriers.

    The paperboard system’s structural design combines a clip, which holds the top of each can, with a keel that extends down between the rows of cans. The keel, whose structure is similar to that of a nautical keel, strengthens the top panel and boosts clip performance.

    A small amount of adhesive further secures each can to the keel. Cans may be glued into a position that showcases their brand graphics.

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    Arjowiggins Translucent Barrier Paper

    Arjowiggins has launched Sylvicta, a sustainable alternative to plastics in packaging.

    Sylvicta is a translucent, functional barrier paper that preserves the quality of food and cosmetics just as well as conventional plastics while ensuring limited impact on the environment. The paper is fully recyclable, compostable, marine degradable and made from renewable raw materials.

    Through precision fibre refining, Arjowiggins’ R&D teams have developed this translucent paper with a natural bonding, without the need of any harmful chemicals. The result is a paper with a barrier to oxygen, aroma, mineral oils and fatty foodstuffs.

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    VVT Plastic Bottles Using Citrus Peel

    Technology developed at VTT enables the use of pectin-containing agricultural waste, such as citrus peel and sugar beet pulp, as raw material for bio-based PEF-plastics for replacing fossil-based PET. The carbon footprint of plastic bottles can be lowered by 50% when replacing their raw material of PET with PEF polymers, which also provides a better shelf life for food.

    PEF is a fully recyclable and renewable high-performance plastic. Therefore, it opens up possibilities for the industries to reduce waste and have positive impact on the environment.

    “In the near future, you may buy orange juice in bottles that are made out of orange peel. VTT’s novel technology provides a circular approach to using food waste streams for high-performance food packaging material, and at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” shares Professor of Practice Holger Pöhler from VTT”.

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    Seed Phytonutrients

    Seed Phytonutrients company make clean and natural hair, face, and body products that are better for the environment and us. One way the brand is living up to this mission is by using more environmentally friendly packaging.

    Seed takes the title of making the first-ever shower-friendly paper bottle. Each bottle is made out of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and lined with a post-consumer recycled plastic liner, resulting in a bottle with 60% less plastic than a traditional one. When you shower, the paper will get wet (it's still paper), but thanks to a mineral coating it will dry quickly and look good as new in no time.

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    H&M Paper Bag – Cloth Hanger

    H&M packaging concept includes a recycled paper bag that transforms into a coat hangar.

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    SAKATA INX introduced an environmentally-friendly UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applications.

    The sustainable ink option is formulated with 20-30% plant-derived materials, allowing brand owners and printers to benefit from reduced regulatory risk and measurable, reportable CO2 savings.

    SAKATA’s proprietary advanced technology for Nano-pigment dispersion enables their inkjet inks to have high performance jetting properties at very fast print speed, with high reliability for inkjet print heads. BSR-Bio consists of standard CMYK colors with Orange + Green or Orange + Violet as an option when a wider color gamut is required. It is extremely low odor and has high durability and good flexibility to reduce cracking problems.

    When Heineken Bottles Were Square

    As the story goes, Alfred Heineken had an epiphany while on a world tour of Heineken factories. When Heineken was on the Caribbean island of Curacao in 1960 he saw many bottles littering the beach due to the fact that the island had no economic means of returning the bottles to the bottling plants from which they had come. He was also concerned with the lack of affordable building materials and the inadequate living conditions plaguing Curacao's lower-class. Envisioning a solution for these problems, he found a dutch architect John Habraken to design what he called "a brick that holds beer."

    In 1963, Alfred Heineken created a beer bottle that could also function as a brick to build houses in impoverished countries.

    The rectangular, Heineken World Bottle or WOBO, designed with the help of architect John Habraken, would serve as a drinking vessel as well as a brick once the contents were consumed. The long side of the bottle would have interlocking grooved surfaces so that the glass bricks, once laid on their side, could be stacked easily with mortar or cement.

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    Friday, 18 December 2020 21:13

    Mimaki releases new UV 3D printer

    Next January, Mimaki will release its 3DUJ-2207 3D inkjet printer, which will be able to reproduce over 10 million colors. It’s compact size (203 x 203 x 76mm) is designed for small spaces, such as offices, it works quietly and has a deodorizer so it can be used in busy spaces.

    “Previously the first to bring over 10 million colors to the 3D printing market with its larger-scale industrial counterpart, the 3DUJ-553, Mimaki now combines the same impressive color range and renowned build quality in a compact, affordable solution. With this latest offering, Mimaki aims to extend the reach and accessibility of its cutting-edge 3D printing technologies to an entirely new segment of customers... With additional features such as Mimaki’s trademark clear resin, which can be utilised alone or mixed with colours to achieve varying levels of transparency, the new 3DUJ-2207 3D printer presents a robust, advanced 3D printing solution with an affordable price tag – all within a machine sufficiently compact to fit in an office elevator.”

    Danna Drion, senior marketing manager at Mimaki Europe: “This launch will deliver a world of new possibilities to designers and product developers, for many of whom the idea of high-definition full-colour 3D printing might previously have been out of reach, and that is something we are extremely proud of.”

    Wednesday, 16 December 2020 21:09

    Trade shows moved to May 2021

    Three trade shows: PSI, PromoTex Expo and Viscom, scheduled to take place from January 12 - 14, 2021 in Dusseldorf, have been postponed to May 18 - 20, 2021.

    "The measures taken by the Federal Government and the Federal States since the beginning of November show how dynamic the developments around Covid-19 are. With the pandemic once again spreading throughout Europe, medium-term economic planning is challenging, including the organisation of PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom. After consultation with our exhibitors and partners, and with their support, we have made this difficult decision to postpone,” said Michael Freter, managing director of organiser Reed Exhibitions Deutschland.

    Hybrid Services, Mimaki’s exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, announced the launch of the new ‘100 Series’ (entry level roll-to-roll inkjet printers).

    Two models will be available: the UJV100-160 (UV-curing) on December 2020 and the JV100-160 (solvent) on January 2021.

    The UJV100-160 model uses lower-cost LUS-190 UV ink, that is cured immediately after being exposed to UV light, no need for a degassing period after printing, which saves time. The downside is that the LUS-190 ink can be printed onto not only PVC, and uncoated substrates such as PET film and paper.

    The JV100-160 model uses Mimaki’s SS21 inks for indoor or outdoor, in both a dual CMYK 4 color mode and an 8 color mode.

    Hybrid’s Managing Director, Brett Newman anticipates strong uptake of the new models. “The new UV and solvent ‘100 Series’ printers represent the ideal combination of features and performance at a highly competitive price point,” he states. “Employing proprietary technology found on models that sit further up the Mimaki product line, users will benefit from improved operation, productivity and task automation.”

    RasterLink7 was announced by Mimaki at the beginning of November, Global Graphics Tokyo office provided technical support for Mimaki in aspects such as: multi-layer printing, color replacement in graduated tints, contour exporting for cutters, addition of texts and graphics to submitted jobs, etc.

    “RasterLink7 improves performance and enhances quality as well as introducing new features such as variable data printing for applications such as sports apparel, card printing, name tags stickers and labels. Shipments are expected to be in the region of 10,000 Units a year.”

    “Our objective in choosing Harlequin as the core of our genuine Mimaki RIP is to improve the performance of our products,” says Satoshi Kaneko, GM of software design department, Mimaki Engineering. “Customers will see that the RIP processing time for PDF files is considerably shortened. There are significant quality improvements too; PDF transparency processes correctly and we have found that the expression of thin lines is improved.”

    Wednesday, 09 December 2020 21:48

    Fuji Xerox rebrands Asia Pacific business

    Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific operations will change its name to Fujifilm as of April 2021, Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. will become Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp. This name change is a result of the company’s decision to end its Technology Agreemnet with Xerox Corporation on March 2021when it expires.

    “Fuji Xerox and Xerox Corporation have a history of benefiting from the shared use of technologies each company independently developed,” said a statement from Fuji Xerox headquarters in Tokyo. “Fuji Xerox has thrived in the speed and level of product development and have been establishing its own technologies for many years. As such, Fuji Xerox is well positioned to continue developing and manufacturing its original products using its own, unique technologies after the expiration of the Technology Agreement with Xerox Corporation.”

    “With affluent know-how accumulated to date and trust earned from customers, Fuji Xerox aims to foster innovation with the other companies in the Fujifilm Group by accelerating the market introduction of solutions and services that build on technologies related to the cloud, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things,” it said.

    Thursday, 03 December 2020 17:10

    Esko partners with Asahi

    Esko win partner with Asahi, pioneer of flexography, to collaborate on developing an innovative and automated flexo plate making solution.

    Pascal Thomas, Director of Flexo Business with Esko, added: “At Esko, we have long been dedicated to improving the platemaking experience, in terms of quality, productivity and connectivity. Together with Asahi Photoproducts, we are taking the flexo platemak-ing process to a brand new level, enabling our customers to be even more competitive while also ensuring they can meet today’s demands for flexible and sustainable supply.

    Our aim, by collaborating with Asahi, is to deliver a cleaner, more environmentally bal-anced operation, that simplifies the print form making process, improves safety and cre-ates higher print quality consistency. The ultimate objective is to improve our custom-ers’ overall business performance and profitability.”

    Thursday, 03 December 2020 17:07

    Gerber announces 3D collaboration

    Gerber Technology will partner with Alvalnon for a 2D and 3D solution, this will allow fashion and apparel companies simulate their customers’ size and fit.

    “We know how difficult it is for fashion and apparel companies right now as they navigate through the pandemic,” said Mary McFadden, Vice President of CAD Product Manage-ment. “Digital transformation is now inevitable for companies who want to succeed in the next era and our collaboration with Alvanon will give them the tools they need to fully transform product development.”

    The Digital Textile Printing 2020 conference will be held virtually during December 9 -10, it is presented by Printing United in association with AATCC. Registration for this event is now open.

    In October 2020, seven of the world’s leading chemical companies have come together to launch Sustainable Chemistry for the Textile Industry (SCTI) with a commitment to collaboration, innovation and transformational change, the new alliance aims to lead the textile and leather industries towards a more sustainable future.

    The seven founding members of SCTI: Archroma, CHT Group, Huntsman, Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO), Pulcra Chemicals, Rudolf Group and Tanatex Chemicals have made substantial investments in sustainable solutions in recent years. They are now committing to investing and working together to further advance chemistry knowledge and its safe and sustainable application in the textile and leather industries.

    SCTI is developing a global harmonized sustainability standard for chemical products used in the industry, along with a supporting assessment tool that covers all aspects of the products; from hazards through to environmental, ecological and social impacts to help the industry produce more sustainable textile and leather end products for consumers through cleaner and more transparent supply chains that use less water and energy and produce less emissions and pollution.

    Epson America introduced its first 76-inch industrial-level dye-sublimation textile printer, designed to offer reliability, versatility and round-the-clock productivity.

    Featuring four 4.7-inch PrecisionCore printheads and a hot-swappable ink system, the printer delivers continuous roll-to-roll performance at production speeds up to 2,700 sqft/hr.

    The printer comes equipped with an array of industrial-level features to maximize productivity and support continuous production. The SureColor F10070 is the first Epson printer to feature a hot-swappable ink system that automatically switches from an empty ink pack to a new ink pack mid-print for uninterrupted printing and allows for longer print runs without user intervention.

    Also with a redesigned 9-inch touchscreen control panel the operators can see the image printing, monitor print, paper, and ink status, as well as understand environmental conditions for optimized print performance.

    Designed for demanding industrial environments, to ensure full-speed print performance in a space saving design the SureColor F10070 includes a front and underside heater that can reach temperatures up to 230-degrees and 122-degree Fahrenheit.

    The SureColor F10070 comes with a range of features designed to support around-the-clock production, including:

  • Brilliant Image Quality — High-density Black ink produces exceptional color saturation and high contrast
  • Seamless Workflow —Epson Edge workflow software featuring an Adobe PostScript 3 Engine
  • Predictable, Reliable Performance — Advanced auto paper-tension control and fabric head wiper enable simple, continuous production
  • More Ink; Less downtime — Low-cost, high-capacity replaceable ink pack system holds up to 20 Liters of ink per color, which allows for longer print runs without user intervention
  • Performance Optimized Epson DS Transfer Paper — Multipurpose, Rigid Photo Optimized, Adhesive Textile, and Production papers available
  • “This year we’ve seen a need for businesses to alter production plans to better accommodate smaller orders and quicker turnaround times to meet changing consumer demands,” Tim Check, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America. “The new high-performance SureColor F10070 provides an efficient and cost-effective dye-sublimation solution for print shops looking to produce medium to large high-quality apparel runs and bid on incoming textile orders from businesses that sell direct to consumer. Moreover, the SureColor F10070 supports on shoring production needs in today’s marketplace to help shorten lead times, decrease costs and streamline workflows.”

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    EFI introduces two new printers for the high-end, high productivity soft signage market to help display graphics producers reach new heights in productivity and extend their capabilities.

    “EFI, through our Reggiani division, has decades of experience bringing to market the highest quality in fabric printing in the industry.” Scott Schinlever, COO, EFI Inkjet. “These two new printers are specifically designed to meet the most stringent quality and productivity needs in soft signage for companies that want to truly differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace. With their extreme speed and reliability, the EFI POWER and COLORS printers can often replace multiple soft signage printers, producing more premium signage work with a single footprint.”

    EFI COLORS 340

    Is ideal for many applications: from table throws and pop-up promotional tents to SEG backlits, flags and retail fixtures and can handle different fabrics up to 450 gr/m2.

    The EFI CLORS 340 can prints at up to 9,149 square feet per hour (in a four-color x 4 configuration) and for even higher-volume production environments, the EFI POWER 340 prints up to 16,835 square feet per hour.

    Using genuine EFI water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks, the printer gives users entrée into an ultra-premium point-of-purchase category for soft signage, producing smoother color transitions and ultra-realistic skin tones.

    Available up to 24 printheads, the COLORS 340 offers greater versatility in color capabilities to print in four-color x 2, four-color x 4 or six-color x 4 configurations, as well as an eight-color configuration featuring standard CMYK and light CMK color inks, plus a penetrating agent.

    The printer’s 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution with four level grayscale printing and drop sizes from 4 to 18 picoliters can deliver 100% penetration on both sides of the material, making it ideal for the production of national flags. Its precision sticky belt feeding mechanism ensures near-perfect, continuous tone image quality at high speeds with no wrinkle artifacts on a wide range of materials. And with the EFI’s unique continuous ink recirculation system for textile printing improves ink yield, reducing the need to purge while eliminating downtime associated with printhead maintenance.

    EFI POWER 340

    The EFI POWER 340 digital soft signage printer has most of the capabilities of the COLORS 340 but at a blazingly fast speed of up to 16,835 square feet per hour.

    The POWER 340 is also capable of printing direct-to-fabric or onto transfer paper using genuine EFI water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks. And, like the COLORS 340 model, it employs the proven, reliable sticky belt feeding mechanism. The POWER 340 features up to four colors, in either four-color x 4 or four-color x 8 configurations. With its remarkable speeds, users can profit from producing the appropriate quality at the highest speed with a lower total cost of ownership for high-volume demands.

    Both printers employ a powerful EFI Fiery® proServer Premium digital front end, which means operators can take advantage of the ultimate in color management, job management, and powerful tools for nesting, step and repeat, scaling, cropping, barcode creation and tiling.

    Photo courtesy

    These have been difficult times in which we have faced situations that we never imagined could happen, it could even be said that no one was prepared to face what this year brought us.

    In these moments in which we all play an important role to control the situation and thus return to normality as soon as possible, it is necessary that we all do our bit to overcome this new challenge.

    Whether it’s to convey a message or to decorate a space, the Media & Substrate has always played an important role in our industry.

    That is why some companies have joined efforts to create some substrates which are capable of helping to mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria.


    PURE ZONE provides 24-hour preventive protection against certain bacteria thanks to the constant action of its antibacterial power to hinder their proliferation. PURE ZONE® films contain silver ions, that are activated on the superficial layer, when in contact with moist. These reactive ions may quickly block the metabolism of bacteria and thus prevent their proliferation between two cleaning and disinfection protocols.

    The PURZON060M/B antimicrobial film has been tested and certified according to ISO 22196 norm, ensuring a neutralization of 99.99% of Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus resistant to meticillin (MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    “However, we have to outline”, Clément MATEU – HEXIS CEO, “that no tests were carried out by HEXIS Group on viruses or their subfamilies (coronavirus, SARS, COVID-19)”. Unlike common bacteria, the handling of viruses is highly regulated by law. Then he adds: “We are therefore unable to prove the effectiveness of our PURE ZONE technology on viruses, and in particular on the Covid-19.”

    Fisher Textiles “DisenfectexTM”

    DisenfectexTM is a printable fabric enhanced by HeiQ V-block in collaboration with HeiQ. Marketed as HeiQ Viroblock in other countries, HeiQ V-block is an antiviral textile technology for industrial use, engineered to work against enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses and human coronaviruses.

    DisenfectexTM fabrics treated with HeiQ V-block are resistant to microbes and inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric. Treated fabrics submitted by HeiQ have been tested by the Doherty Institute in Australia to be effective against 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2.

    DisenfectexTM fabrics have many uses for personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks, sanitation stations, counter-top barriers, desk dividers, table throws, pop-up screens, among others.

    Media One

    Media One launch a line of antimicrobial fabrics (Imperial, Manhattan, Doheny, Malibu, Moonlight, Sunset), treated with integrated antimicrobial coatings and have been lab tested to kill over 98% of bacteria within 24-hours.

    These fabrics are designed for dye-sublimation transfer, direct dye sub, UV & latex printing and are available in 126” width or cut to specific lengths.

    “We’re responding to the COVID-19 crisis in a way to help our customers with solutions for retail, POP, medical, and event graphics to help prevent the spread of any microbial agents, per our independent lab testing. And while this has not been tested specifically with COVID-19, this coating is anti-bacterial & anti-microbial to 98% effectiveness,” Jason Bartusick, CEO & Head of Product Development at Media One. “Working with our suppliers, we’ve identified key products that address numerous applications, and our customers have expressed widespread interest in them.”

    Plaskolite “Amgard”

    Amgard Antimicrobial Safety Shields is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology that protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth.

    “The deployment of safety shields is an important part of reopening plans for businesses, schools and institutions,” Dr. Ted Trautman, technology director for Plaskolite. “Amgard protects the sheet against the growth of microorganisms such as mold and mildew. Amgard delivers the dual benefit of a physical barrier and an antimicrobial technology designed to protect the plastic’s surface.”

    Monitoring human performance and health have always attracted interest of different science sectors. Many wearable devices have been invented incorporating electronics in wearable patches, wristbands, and other configurations that monitor either localized or overall physiological information such as heart rate or blood glucose.

    Recently researchers at Tufts University’s School of Engineering team have takes a different, non-electronic approach, developing a biomaterial-based inks that respond to and quantify chemicals released from the body (e.g. in sweat and potentially other biofluids) or in the surrounding environment by changing color.

    This ink can be screen printed onto textiles such as clothes, shoes, or even face masks in complex patterns and at high resolution, providing a detailed map of human response or exposure. The screen printable bio-inks can be used like any ink developed for screen printing, and so can be applied not just to clothing but also to various surfaces such as wood, plastics and paper to generate patterns ranging from hundreds of microns to tens of meters.

    “The use of novel bioactive inks with the very common method of screen printing opens up promising opportunities for the mass-production of soft, wearable fabrics with large numbers of sensors that could be applied to detect a range of conditions,” Fiorenzo Omenetto, corresponding author and the Frank C. Doble Professor of Engineering at Tufts’ School of Engineering. “The fabrics can end up in uniforms for the workplace, sports clothing, or even on furniture and architectural structures.”

    Bioactive inks printed on wearable textiles can map conditions over the entire surface of the body.
    Photo courtesy:

    Koehler Paper Group, names Tobias Sternbeck as chief executive officer for the recently acquired Beaver Paper.

    Sternbeck’s prior professional experience was with Mimaki Engineering as senior general manager for the textile and apparel business unit and group executive officer.

    “We’re pleased to have Tobias Sternbeck leading the Beaver Paper Group,” Kai Furler, CEO of Koehler Paper Group. “As a seasoned leader in the paper and textile industries, Tobias brings a wealth of knowledge and will be a huge asset to both Beaver Paper and Koehler Paper as we move forward.”

    Friday, 02 October 2020 22:45

    Heimtextil Frankfurt Postponed

    Due the corona pandemic situation and the associated international travel restrictions Messe Frankfurt has decided to postpone the next Heimtextil, from the planned dates in January until 4 to 7 May 2021.

    Heimtextil 2021 shares the fairgrounds with Techtextil, (trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens) and Texprocess, (international trade fair for processing textile and flexible materials). The two trade fairs are held every two years in May and, together with Heimtextil, offer the opportunity to present the entire textile value chain at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre from 4 to 7 May 2021.

    Fujifilm Europe announces Toshihisa "Toshi" Iida has taken up the position as new President and Managing Director for FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, and FUJIFILM Europe B.V., Tilburg, Netherlands.

    Toshihisa will be responsible for a wealth of businesses across the region, where Fujifilm operate 55 group companies in 43 countries, employing 4,500 people engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and service. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, he will be responsible for all business divisions including Medical Systems, Photo Imaging and instax, Electronic Imaging, Optical Devices, Graphic Systems, Recording Media and Industrial Products, as well as new ventures that utilize a number of highly versatile core technologies originally developed from within Fujifilm’s photo film business. These include regenerative medicine, cell culture media and membrane technologies.

    Toshihisa succeeds Mark Yamamoto who was appointed Managing Director of Fujifilm in Europe in May 2018, who will now take up a new assignment as a Board Director for FUJIFILM Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.

    FESPA has announced that FESPA Mexico 2020, which was originally scheduled to take place from 26 – 28 November 2020, will be postponed to 23 – 25 September 2021, in response to the ongoing business disruption and continued public health risk caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

    “In May 2020, we took the decision to delay FESPA Mexico until November in the face of the developing pandemic. Since then, the impact of COVID-19 in Central America has been dynamic and uncertain. Our number one priority is the health and safety of all of our exhibitors and visitors and we are therefore taking this step to eliminate the risk to all of our participants. We look forward to welcoming our Mexican community back in September 2021.” Neil Felton, FESPA CEO.

    DuPont announced the new series for its Pigment Inks portfolio, DuPont Artistri Xite P2700.

    The Artistri P2700 its a digital textile premium pigment ink formulated for mid- viscosity printheads, that offers deep, rich black and outstanding color saturation. Due to the ink formulation, it delivers the quality needed for textile printers in home, furnishings and apparel applications.

    “We are delighted to deliver brilliant colors with great wet and dry crock without compromising hand feel and the sustainability advantage of water-based pigment ink jet inks,” Eric Beyeler, global ink jet marketing manager, DuPont Image Solutions.

    Friday, 18 September 2020 22:49

    Xerox Chief Financial Officer to step down

    Xerox Holdings Corporation announced its Chief Financial Officer William Osbourn would leave the company for personal reasons, effective September 30. Xavier Heiss, a 32-year company veteran, will serve as interim CFO while the company conducts a search, both internally and externally, for a permanent successor.

    “There comes a time when we all must make hard decisions as it relates to work/life balance. At this time, Bill has decided he needs to focus on his family and personal goals. Bill played a critical role managing Xerox’s finances through a challenging time in the company’s history, serving as a steady hand through leadership changes, a major transformation and most recently a pandemic,” John Visentin, vice chairman and chief executive officer.

    Friday, 18 September 2020 22:45

    Labelexpo India 2020 Postponed

    Tarsus Group, organizer of Labelexpo India 2020 and Brand Print India 2020, has announced that the upcoming editions of the co-located shows, which would take place at the India Expo Center, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR from December 2 to 5, has been postponed in light of ongoing concerns over coronavirus/COVID-19.

    “We have been monitoring the evolving situation in India, and the ongoing impact of coronavirus/COVID-19 means that we are no longer able to run the show as planned in early December this year. We have taken the decision to postpone the 2020 editions of Labelexpo India and Brand Print India. Lisa Milburn, managing director of Labelexpo/Brand Print Global Series. “We thank all our Labelexpo and Brand Print India exhibitors and partners for their continued understanding and look forward to working with them. Crucially, these shows – along with our other Labelexpo shows around the world – will play a vital role in driving the economic recovery of the region’s label and package printing industry, plus their supply chain, post COVID-19.”

    Friday, 18 September 2020 22:41

    InPrint Milan 2020 Cancelled

    Mack Brooks Exhibitions announced the cancellation of InPrint Milan, which was scheduled to be held at Fieramilano in Italy from 22 – 24 October 2020, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis globally.

    “We are all aware that this year has been a challenging year so far. Many events had to be postponed to next year due to the repercussions of Covid-19 and ongoing travel restrictions, and many participants also raised concerns over their ability to attend the event this year. We therefore, in close coordination with all partners involved, have decided to cancel InPrint Milan 2020, with the date of the next event to be announced shortly.” Nicola Hamann, Managing Director of Mack Brooks Exhibitions.

    HP Inc. announces the appointment of Marie Myers as acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) effective October 1, 2020. She assumes the responsibilities of Steve Fieler, who departs for a role outside the company.

    “As CFO since 2018, Steve has provided tremendous leadership to our financial organization and helped HP to create significant value for shareholders. He built a world-class team that is delivering strong results and I am grateful for his many contributions to our business. We wish him continued success as he begins the next chapter in his career,” Enrique Lores, President & CEO, HP Inc.

    ALTANA announces the acquisition of TLS Technik GmbH & Co. Spezialpulver KG, a manufacturer of metal powders for 3D printing, and thus strategically expanding its ECKART division.

    “By acquiring the TLS business, we are expanding our portfolio in 3D printing for industrial additive manufacturing and positioning ourselves in a technology market of the future,” Martin Babilas, CEO of ALTANA AG. “With this step we are continuing to implement ALTANA's strategy of generating value-creating growth through targeted acquisitions, even in difficult economic times.”

    “TLS’ expertise in the production of metal powders and alloys for metallic 3D printing complements ECKART’s strengths as a specialist in the atomization of metals,” Dr. Wolfgang Schütt, head of ALTANA's ECKART Division. “We are also strengthening ourselves in a targeted manner for functional applications.”

    In addition, ALTANA announced the acquisition of the British company Aluminium Materials Technologies Ltd. (AMT). Besides others, the company developed the patented special alloy A20X for 3D printing that enables the manufacturing of significantly lighter components.

    Made in the USA the MultiCam 3000/5000 Series Waterjet CNC it’s an easy-to-use, production cutting solution with optional 5-axis designed for cutting glass range of substrates.

    The 3000/5000-Series CNC Waterjet options include pneumatic drill, chiller for intensifier, air ballast water-leveling system, closed loop filtration system, and abrasive removal system. Every MultiCam 3000/5000 Series Waterjets comes with the full support of the MultiCam Technology Center network.

    Powered by KMT Waterjet SL-VI pump at 60,000psi/4,137bar, its high-pressure waterjet machining offers advantages when working with a wide range of substrates; allowing cutting highly accurate parts with excellent finish and no heat-affected edge.


    Waterjet Options

    Stone and tile machining

    Full range of table sizes (4’ X 4’ to 20’ X 60’+)

    Job shop (general parts fabrication)

    Full range of intensifiers (30 HP to 200 HP)

    Metal cutting (all metals)

    60K and 90K PSI options

    Aerospace machining (non heat-affected edge)

    Abrasive and pure water heads

    Automotive parts manufacturing

    Multiple heads for simultaneous machining of parts

    Gasket manufacturing (rubber products)

    Closed water filtration systems

    Foam cutting

    Abrasive removal systems

    Glass/ceramics machining


    Carpet cutting (pure water)



    Waterjet Options

    Waterjet Options

    Z-Axis Clearance



    Z-Axis Travel






    Cut Speed

    2100 IPM

    53.34 MPM

    Rapid Traverse

    1500 IPM

    38.1 MPM

    Drive System (X,Y)

    Rack & Pinion

    Rack & Pinion

    Drive System (Z)

    Ball Screw

    Ball Screw

    Photo courtesy

    Friday, 04 September 2020 23:44

    Mimaki Europe Announces New Managing Director

    Mimaki Europe announces the appointment of Takahiro Hiraki as Managing Director.

    Hiraki joined Mimaki Engineering in 1997 as a sales representative for the Mimaki CF-series. Over 20 years, he develops his expertise in the technology and advance his sales career in various senior positions with Mimaki. In 2019, Hiraki joined the board of directors and was assigned management responsibility for Mimaki Europe.

    “My goal as Managing Director for Mimaki Europe is to further develop relationships with our partners and customers to meet the evolving local needs of these businesses and take Mimaki Europe into its next phase of success.” Takahiro Hiraki, Mimaki Europe Managing Director.

    Mimaki Europe also welcomes Ryosuke Nakayama as Executive Assistant to Hiraki.

    Hiraki succeeds Yuji Ikeda who commented, “In Hiraki and Nakayama, Mimaki Europe is adding two accomplished and highly qualified team members. I am confident that Hiraki will lead this newly bolstered team to achieve great things in the months ahead, despite the unprecedented and challenging situation we have all faced this year. I wish him and Mimaki Europe every success.

    Traditionally, UV inkjet printing on clear vessels requires a stuffing agent known as a “foxtail” to block the UV light from curing the ink and damaging the print heads. Recently Inkcups introduces a new feature for Helix digital cylinder printers: Transparent Pin Curing.

    Transparent Pin Curing (TPC) is a specialized system that enables UV inkjet printing on clear products such as plastic bottles, glassware, spirit, and wine bottles without the need to add a UV-blocking agent into the vessel. With this new patent-pending technology, containers remain uncontaminated and sterile on the inside and print head life is protected. As an added benefit, removal of this extra step thanks to the TPC system also streamlines the production process.

    The TPC system is available as a field-upgradable retrofit for existing Helix printers or on new Helix machines. These include the Helix Digital Cylinder Printer and Helix Hi-Fi Photorealistic Rotary UV Printer.

    “We have been developing and testing this new feature for some time and are excited to bring it to market. The revolutionary transparent pin curing system will simplify production, improve efficiency and is completely retrofittable to our fleet of Helix® Digital Cylinder printers. It makes a significant difference for transparent items,” Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

    Photo courtesy

    During the Board of Directors meeting of August, 2020, Klaus Röhrig indicated he was increasingly concerned with his lack of physical presence in Mortsel as Chairman of the company, caused by the Covid-19 induced severe travel restrictions, which may continue for several months.

    The Board of Directors accepted Klaus Röhrig’s resignation as Chairman and appointed Frank Aranzana, member of the Board of Directors since May 2019, as its new Chairman.

    “It is an honor to take on the role of Chairman at Agfa-Gevaert. Under Klaus Röhrig’s chairmanship, the company has achieved a number of milestones, including the successful sale of part of the HealthCare IT activities and the transition to a new CEO. I would like to thank Klaus Röhrig, who will continue to support the company as member of the Board of Directors.” Frank Aranzana

    “It has been a privilege to help navigate the company in today’s challenging market, working closely together with my fellow members of the Board of Directors and Agfa-Gevaert’s Executive Management. There remain multiple challenges ahead, not the least COVID-19-induced, but with Frank Aranzana’s extensive experience, especially when facing the financial crisis of 2008, Agfa-Gevaert is in good hands. Hence, I am delighted to hand the chairmanship over to him and stay committed to the company as member of the Board of Directors.” Klaus Röhrig

    Friday, 04 September 2020 22:19

    CANON Introduces the ARIZONA 2300 SERIES

    Canon U.S.A., Inc., introduces to the wide format print market the new Arizona 2300 Series UV curable flatbed printers, designed to speed up production, improve operational efficiencies and fuel growth opportunities.

    The new Arizona 2300 Series offers an instant-on capability through its UV-LED curing system, enabling quicker turnaround for last-minute jobs This series is built around the Arizona FLOW technology, a vacuum technique that supports a zone-less, multi-origin table layout. This technology offers more productivity, as it requires less masking and taping, and is supported by easy-to-use, three-sided pneumatic registration pins to better secure the substrate in place on the table.

    Additionally, this series also provides customers with the ability to print up to 1,001 ft2/hr. and an automated maintenance system that offers hands-free printhead maintenance that reduce the downtime by restoring nozzle function.

    The Arizona 2300 offers UV-LED curing for 40 percent less energy consumption that has been certified for the North American market by TÜV and DGUV.

    "We are committed to the research and development of our flatbed series with a focus on smart productivity, application versatility and sustainability. With our customers in mind, the Arizona 2300 Series will make the production process smarter and more automated, enabling our customers to have the time to focus on what matters the most: growing their business," Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "With the addition of the new Arizona 2300 series to our portfolio, we have a range of large format solutions to suit any and every print need of our customers. We are confident the new flatbed printers will enable them to boost profits, expand their application possibilities and open up new market opportunities, while achieving operational excellence."

    Photo courtesy

    Kernow North America, has announced that they will be taking over the Mohawk Digital Synthetic product line. Under the agreement, Kernow North America will begin manufacturing and supplying distribution customers of Mohawk Digital Synthetics with the full range of KernowPrint, KernowPrint Pro, and KernowPrint Pro-Lite synthetic papers directly.

    In addition, Kernow will be expanding their offering to include a new range of printable films featuring their proprietary KernowPrint coatings for dry-toner and Cobalt Coating Technology for HP Indigo. This expanded range will launch with a brand-new rigid vinyl (PVC) option for customers previously using Mohawk’s digital PVC. The full line up will provide printers with a broad selection of digitally printable films that include polyester, polypropylene, synthetic paper, and the new rigid vinyl (PVC), along with a broad selection of pressure sensitive options.

    “Mohawk has been an incredible partner to many distributors and printers in the industry. They have built a strong reputation and trust amongst their customers for the value of their products and ability to deliver solutions to the print market,” Bosy Colak, President of Kernow North America. “As they move forward into the next phase of their business, Kernow will be stepping in to continue supplying customers with the quality and service that they have relied on for years. Our goal in this transition is to make it as seamless as possible while providing customers with the same proven certified solutions they have been using for years along with new developments by Kernow Coatings.”

    INX Europe joins CEFLEX as a stakeholder in developing sustainable solutions to create a circular economy for the flexible packaging market. CEFLEX is a European-based consortium that represents the entire value chain, from material producers, converters and printers to brand owners, retailers and recyclers.

    The rise of flexible packaging has become increasingly important to protect food and other goods, and to ensure that products for consumers are safe and fresh while preserving nutrition value, taste and quality. Flexible packaging is also instrumental for use with medical products and pharmaceuticals, securing the items within a sterile environment and making them both tamper and counterfeit proof.

    These facts and the leadership efforts of CEFLEX impressed “There are tremendous benefits to using flexible packaging, and the narrative of CEFLEX is in alignment with our company’s philosophy on sustainability,” said Lockley. “As consumer demands and regulatory requirements increase, we are cognizant of the responsibilities to grow our leadership position in the industry. This means addressing the needs of brand owners, customers and consumers by improving the sustainability of our ink and coating solutions. So far, we have taken specific steps to improve how we manage our resources and eliminate waste through better products and process designs. Joining the CEFLEX initiative will help us continue to improve in these areas as we promote a circular economy.” Peter Lockley, President of INX Europe.

    “Many companies associated with flexible packaging in Europe, including us, realize the challenges ahead to transform the linear economy to make plastics circular,” John Hrdlick, President and CEO of INX International Ink Co. “Flexible packaging has many advantages and presents opportunities that are part of the CEFLEX agenda. For example, since it is thin and lightweight, we can reduce the environmental impact on transporting products. As part of Sakata INX, one of the world’s largest ink producers, we will continue our efforts to heighten sustainability awareness.”

    FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division announced a strategic partnership with Permalite, Inc. The partnership will enable Fujifilm customers to obtain access to a new collection of specialty print media for the Fujifilm J Press 720S and 750S including synthetics such as PVC and Polypropylene, as well as fine art canvases and adhesive-backed vinyls. Through the strategic partnership, Fujifilm customers will be able to select from a variety of finishes along with various substrates.

    “Fujifilm and Permalite share a common mission of collaborating with customers and producing high-quality and specialty printing products with the most advanced technologies on the market,” Ed Pierce, product marketing manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “Through our partnership, we will bring together the complementary strengths of Fujifilm’s digital press technologies with Permalite’s finest inkjet media, maximizing our offerings to our customers.”

    “We were immediately impressed by Fujifilm’s latest generation of digital presses with the J Press 750S,” Chris Cudzilo, VP of sales and marketing, Permalite. “The speed, accuracy and simplicity it showcases is totally focused on the future for printing. When we designed the media portfolio to match both the J Press 720S and 750S needs, we knew it had to be built to match or exceed these qualities for a seamless experience and beautiful results.”

    Arden Software has completed the acquisition of American software company Cimex Corporation. Arden specializes in CAD and CAM software for the packaging sector, with their “Impact” packaging design software being used all over the world. Cimex develops “CimPACK” software, whichis a leading name in the print, packaging and die-making sectors.

    “Much like Arden, Cimex is a global supplier of CAD and CAM software in the packaging sector, so we’re delighted to bring their skills and expertise into the Arden Group. “Our industry remains a highly collaborative and increasingly technical environment. Whether it’s new technologies for die-making and manufacturing, workflow automation, ecommerce, packaging design or collaboration, this acquisition will solidify our position as a technology innovator in the packaging industry, building on the strong relationships that both companies have with their customers.” Jim Silianoff, Arden Software North America, President.

    “Many of our customers use both Cimex and Arden Software products, and as companies, we share many of the same traits. We have both worked with and for our customers for many years developing our expertise in our fields, so the joining of our two companies is very complementary.” Andrew Carey, Cimex Corporation, President.


    Photo courtesy

    Friday, 28 August 2020 17:18

    FuturePrint Brazil Postponed until 2021

    Due to the continued public health risks and business disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic FuturePrint Brazil 2020 that would have taken place from November 24th to 27th, 2020 at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil has been postponed for the next year. The new date on which FuturePrint Brazil will take place will be from July 21th to 24th, 2021 at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil.

    Flint Group Paper & Board introduces their new water-based ink and coating range for paper and board packaging applications “TerraCode”. The inks and coatings are bio-renewable content (BRC) certified and reportedly sustainably sourced. The range is also available as print-ready or via a building block package.

    The TerraCode range includes three separate products, each with different attributes: TerraCode Bio has been designed with a high level of bio-renewable content, where a typical formulation is made up of more than 90% renewable resources.

    TerraCode Hybrid uses a combination of renewable and conventional raw materials, and typically contains in excess of 50% renewable resin content.

    TerraCode Balance, is based on biomass balance technology – a process that seeks to maintain the performance of existing synthetic solutions.

    FESPA Africa exhibition to be hosted alongside Sign Africa on September from 9th to 11th 2020 at Gallagher Convention Centre in South Africa will be cancelled. This decision was taken due to the current pandemic, restrictions on international travel, and the event industry being closed at the moment in South Africa with no clear indication if it will reopen before the planned dates.

    The decision has been made to cancel this year’s expo and reschedule a new date in 2021 to ensure the event will have the required planning from all sides to make it a success. Dyelan Copeland stated that, "The number of online registrations we have had for 2020 indicate that the industry is looking forward to the next event."

    FESPA CEO Neil Felton concluded: “The dynamic development of the coronavirus pandemic globally has unfortunately made it infeasible to proceed with FESPA Africa as planned this autumn, and our focus is on the wellbeing of our visitors, exhibitors and colleagues in South Africa. We look forward to welcoming our African community back in 2021, and hope that next year’s event will play an important role in their sustained business recovery from the impact of COVID-19.”

    Aurora announces the launch of their new high-performance wall covering fabrics Scenic Expressions Taffeta (an adhesive peel & stick product) and Scenic Expressions Taffeta Paste (which is paste-applied). Scenic Expressions Taffeta offers a combination of beauty, durability, ease of installation and superior printability. Scenic Expressions has been engineered to provide superior image quality, color output and color gamut on today’s latest generation Latex, Solvent/Eco-solvent, and UV printers. This material is designed for installation in both residential and commercial settings, Scenic Expressions Taffeta meets the key criteria for ASTM F793 Durability Type II. This means it can be used in heavy traffic commercial settings, including nursing homes and hospitals, without worry. This product also has an ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rating.

    Caldera has launched their new e-commerce WebShop that will enable its customers to go digital by creating a bespoke storefront, which can be integrated into a streamlined web-to-print solution. WebShop has been created in response to a digital transformation trend that has been accelerated and intensified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The driving force behind the WebShop initiative is to enable Caldera users to run their businesses with a reduced level of social interaction. Lockdown and social distancing has resulted in a surge in demand for online services, and being able to fulfil this demand will be critical for businesses to thrive, particularly for textile and direct-to-garment printers.

    AAG (AXYZ Automation Group) introduces a new and upgraded version of the AXYZ Trident print finishing system.

    The new Trident incorporates a stronger modular solid steel welded frame construction to accommodate more vigorous machine operation and an expanded range of routing, cutting and creasing tools, including a four-position tangential knife-changer to supplement the already extensive Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility. Additional machine enhancements include improved dust extraction and spray mister units for efficient machine tool lubrication and cooling, the AVS (AXYZ Vision System) for precise material registration and alignment and routing/cutting accuracy and increased gantry height to enable the processing of materials up to 125mm thick.

    Trident can handle a wide range of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid materials, including aluminium and aluminium composites (ACM) and other non-ferrous metals, acrylic and associated plastics, laminates, vinyl, foamed and corrugated boards, cardboard and paper.

    Productionserver 20

    The Production server 20 has been updated to Adobe’s PDF Print Engine 5, it supports spectral spot color definitions, and brings compatibility with PantoneLIVE. It features improved spot color support for PANTONE® and Freie Farbe spot color libraries and additional settings for the Ink Saver feature to allow for even greater ink savings.

    Custom Create

    The core of Custom Create is an e-Commerce engine with features such as product creators with customization features and 3D product previews, as well as a pricing engine that can be individually configured and supports all leading payment methods. ColorGATE Custom Create targets the business community of digital decorators, print service providers, brand owners, designers, fulfillers as well as all kinds of print buyers with business or personal demands that are looking to monetize their brand equity by producing merchandize and other branded products.

    Professional Color Management Services

    Professional Color Management Services offers users of any printing and color management technology to be able to pick a standardized service from a menu. Among the choices are:

  • A Color Gap Analysis, including an in-depth evaluation of an existing color management workflow for accuracy and compliance with established standards. Customers will receive a detailed evaluation report with suggestions for improvements
  • Color management bundles for designers, including training, a spectrophotometer, a swatch book and, optionally, a license for ColorGATE Productionserver
  • Color management bundles for soft proofing, including training, a spectrophotometer, a light booth, profiling software and, optionally, a quarterly check-up
  • Color management bundles for production proofing, including training, an inkjet printer, proofing media, proofing software, a light booth, and a spectrophotometer and, optionally, quarterly assistance
  • Color managements for a professional print bundle, including ColorGATE’s DFE Profiler, training, a spectrophotometer and, optionally, a quarterly assistance service, an inkjet printer, proofing media, a light booth, and quarterly assistance
  • A flexible consulting service for customers whose requirements are not covered by the menu items.
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