The first thing that comes into my mind when someone mentions signage is all of those large and colorful billboards. Obviously nowadays, there are so many kinds of signage and each of them can play a role in every company’s marketing strategy.

Using tablets for your business is not a new thing, but not everyone is using it though, and here are some facts about why it would be a good idea to start implementing something that simple but genius that may deliver a great customer experience.

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The first main purpose would be flexibility, and this is because as I mentioned before about the big old billboards, tablets give you flexibility and save you the need of installing big structures to hold them. Also, they keep you away from printing at all so they can also save you money in the long term. Instead of it, you can change your advertisement anytime you want or need.

Nowadays there are so many kinds of tablets. Different sizes and different features for you to decide which one fits you best. From taking your order from a restaurant to product discovery, data gathering, and many other tools, tablets can be used for many different businesses and many times could be a fresh and fun way to be different and creative with the way you use it.

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This led me to my next point: create personalized content. Having a tablet lets you create content directly related to your target, even if you have different ones you could change your apps, designs, data gathering, and so on...

The best thing about technology is that not only it is constantly evolving, but these days, as I mentioned before, we can implement tons of new features and other options besides touchscreens. For example, content controlling from user’s own phones, QR codes scanning, polls, multi-purpose marketing games, staff contacting in real-time, etc. And all of these combined will make user experiences great.

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Another great feature with tablets is in my opinion, the more important one: Analytics and insights. One of the best characteristics of technology is that with the right analytics, you can identify what is working for your business and what is not. Obviously having this information lets you constantly improve your marketing strategy so you can have better results.

Also, having the opportunity for users to choose between a variety of digital signage content could let them know that their opinion is been taking into consideration and this is always a win-win for everyone because the user is feeling part of the campaign or project, while the brand is having analytics and solutions to improve.

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So, telling you to use tablets definitely doesn’t make me a trendsetter, but to encourage you to start implementing it may be a good thing long term for your business if you want to step up and create creative digital signage content.

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