With the closure of more than 90% of the world as a result of the global spread of COVID-19, people are encouraged to stay at home and to carry out social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus.

According to the type of work we perform and the possibility of each company, employers are encouraging their staff to work from home for an undetermined period of time.

But the employers fear the loss of control and accountability from their team. They imagine you on social media or taking the sun in the garden. With the world economy in one of its worst moments they worry that you’ll take their money and give little in return.

That is why I leave you some tips to being much more productive and making the most of this opportunity.

Choosing the right place

Have a designated workspace, avoiding the trafficked areas and if it’s possible find a quiet place with the right light conditions.

Avoid working from your bed or sofa. Your back will hurt after some time and despite what people think, this limits your productivity.

Tip: Always keep your workspace clean. Resist the idea of piling up coffee cups, food plates, empty water bottles, or anything else that doesn't have a purpose in your work.

Be accessible

One of the biggest fears for employers is losing contact with their team and working from home shouldn’t make you less accessible. It’s therefore of utmost importance to be always reachable by phone and Internet.

Always keep your phone close in case someone needs to communicate with you by phone, keeping your home office charges separate from your home's expenses.

Make a task list

If you are like me, you will probably end receiving endless emails, asking you to do various things, many times jumping from one activity to another. That is why it is extremely important to prepare a list of tasks you need to complete every day and cross items off the list as you go.

Make sure you have everything you need close to your work area before starting your day. Avoiding having to get up every moment for a document or object that you have forgotten.

Maintain Regular Hours

One of the benefits of remote work is the schedule flexibility. People think that by working from home they work less and have more free time. But on the contrary, many times you will be end working more than you regular office time.

Depending on what do you do, sometimes you will be requested to extend your labor hours.

In my case, sometimes I must adapt not only to the American time but also to the Chinese, Indian and European time zones. It’s really important to set a schedule, and stick to it. Having a clear guideline for when to work and when to stop will helps you to maintain a work-life balance.

Set Rules

Of course there will be many temptations and distractions. Your kid wanting to show you his latest drawing, your wife asking you to open a jar for her, your neighbor wanting to discuss the latest news or even the book that you have in front of you and that you left halfway.

Home Offices are a relatively new concept for many people who still do not understand that that working at home is still working.

So it is essential to set rules with other people who share your space for when you work or you will end with your time divided between getting things done and trying to fend off interruptions.

Dress for success

Working from home is gives you the freedom of working in the most comfortable clothes you have. But remember that the most productive people don’t wake up and instantly start working while still in pajamas. They get ready for the day the same way they would if they were heading into the office.

Force yourself to get up and get ready for a regular workday; feeling more professional and ready to tackle your work in the most productive way possible.

Stay healthy

One of the greatest temptations while we work at home and due to its accessibility is to eat as much as we like from the kitchen. Try to keep your diet balanced and eat healthy. Remember to drink plenty of water and get up from your chair from time to time to be able to stretch and relax a little. Taking a short walk around your house will allow you to maintain good blood circulation.


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