Three months have passed since I wrote the FIRST PART of what appears to be a multi-part story, dedicated to keeping track of how the world of digital printing has coped with the COVID-19 global pandemic.

With more than 4,228,896 confirmed active cases, 285,363 deaths and 1,512,971 recovered around the world, it seems that this virus has been much more aggressive than the world thought. Even with the hermetic closure of borders around the world this has been spread throughout it.

China, the country where the virus originated, finally has managed to significantly flatten the contagion curve; decreasing new cases per day, as well as the number of deaths. Iran and Italy who were also severely affected have also managed to flatten the curve. But now the virus has reached the new continent, and the United States is one of the most affected countries. Although many measures have been taken to contain COVID 19, it is still far from the whole world flattening the curve.

At a time when the whole wold struggles to control the virus, we all agree that the coronavirus has the potential to be as damaging to the human health as for the global economy. With almost everyone in quarantine and only the essential businesses working, it hasn't taken long to make the economic effects felt in all industries.

AVIANCA, Latin America's second largest airline, has filed for bankruptcy protection in a US court, since the pandemic had cut more than 80% of its income and the airline industry continues with more and more travel restrictions.


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With the majority of people locked at home and the mobility restrictions imposed by governments around the world, the oil demand also has decreased to such a point that the barrel of oil is almost the same price as it was in 1974 “$24.37” (acording to, May 2020-05-11).

These have been times of change and evolution around the world. From the oil industry to the printing industry we have been affected in one way or another.

With many trade shows canceled or postponed, It seems that this year will be a very difficult year for companies that had their hopes set in this new decade for the launch of new technology. We will have to wait and see if the tradeshows postponed for the other half of the year can be made or if 2020 really will be a year without exhibitions.

But something that has always characterized the printing industry is that despite the difficulties has always managed to adapt and get ahead. This is a united industry that never gives up and always looks for a way to get afloat, keeping their human side and reaching out to help each other.

Such is the case of A.T. INKS, that despite having delivery times for its products, they have also managed to readjust their work chain to produce hand sanitizer to help their country (India) with the shortages of this product.



Hand sanitizer manufactured by A.T. INKS. Photo courtesy A.T. INKS.

Just like A.T. INKS many other ink companies, such as Polymeric Group, Marabu, and Dupont among many others, have also joined forces using their expertise in formulation and production to help provide solutions, developing various products that are of great importance in order to stop COVID-19.

Durst Phototechnik is producing community masks in its demo center at Brixen, Italy. Just Vision It (JVI), a dye sublimation wholesale manufacturer based in Missouri, is also manufacturing sublimated facemask to support efforts toward preventing the spread of the virus.


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The difficult times are those that have shaped us into what we are now. A solid industry with a human side that has always characterized us. I know that this will not be solved overnight but I also know that we will get out of this situation by being better.

Remember "Stay home, keep safe and wash your hands"

See you on the PART 3 “The Rise of the Humanity” (still working on the title don't judge me)

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