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These have been difficult times in which we have faced situations that we never imagined could happen, it could even be said that no one was prepared to face what this year brought us.

In these moments in which we all play an important role to control the situation and thus return to normality as soon as possible, it is necessary that we all do our bit to overcome this new challenge.

Whether it’s to convey a message or to decorate a space, the Media & Substrate has always played an important role in our industry.

That is why some companies have joined efforts to create some substrates which are capable of helping to mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria.


PURE ZONE provides 24-hour preventive protection against certain bacteria thanks to the constant action of its antibacterial power to hinder their proliferation. PURE ZONE® films contain silver ions, that are activated on the superficial layer, when in contact with moist. These reactive ions may quickly block the metabolism of bacteria and thus prevent their proliferation between two cleaning and disinfection protocols.

The PURZON060M/B antimicrobial film has been tested and certified according to ISO 22196 norm, ensuring a neutralization of 99.99% of Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus resistant to meticillin (MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

“However, we have to outline”, Clément MATEU – HEXIS CEO, “that no tests were carried out by HEXIS Group on viruses or their subfamilies (coronavirus, SARS, COVID-19)”. Unlike common bacteria, the handling of viruses is highly regulated by law. Then he adds: “We are therefore unable to prove the effectiveness of our PURE ZONE technology on viruses, and in particular on the Covid-19.”

Fisher Textiles “DisenfectexTM”

DisenfectexTM is a printable fabric enhanced by HeiQ V-block in collaboration with HeiQ. Marketed as HeiQ Viroblock in other countries, HeiQ V-block is an antiviral textile technology for industrial use, engineered to work against enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses and human coronaviruses.

DisenfectexTM fabrics treated with HeiQ V-block are resistant to microbes and inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric. Treated fabrics submitted by HeiQ have been tested by the Doherty Institute in Australia to be effective against 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2.

DisenfectexTM fabrics have many uses for personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks, sanitation stations, counter-top barriers, desk dividers, table throws, pop-up screens, among others.

Media One

Media One launch a line of antimicrobial fabrics (Imperial, Manhattan, Doheny, Malibu, Moonlight, Sunset), treated with integrated antimicrobial coatings and have been lab tested to kill over 98% of bacteria within 24-hours.

These fabrics are designed for dye-sublimation transfer, direct dye sub, UV & latex printing and are available in 126” width or cut to specific lengths.

“We’re responding to the COVID-19 crisis in a way to help our customers with solutions for retail, POP, medical, and event graphics to help prevent the spread of any microbial agents, per our independent lab testing. And while this has not been tested specifically with COVID-19, this coating is anti-bacterial & anti-microbial to 98% effectiveness,” Jason Bartusick, CEO & Head of Product Development at Media One. “Working with our suppliers, we’ve identified key products that address numerous applications, and our customers have expressed widespread interest in them.”

Plaskolite “Amgard”

Amgard Antimicrobial Safety Shields is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology that protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth.

“The deployment of safety shields is an important part of reopening plans for businesses, schools and institutions,” Dr. Ted Trautman, technology director for Plaskolite. “Amgard protects the sheet against the growth of microorganisms such as mold and mildew. Amgard delivers the dual benefit of a physical barrier and an antimicrobial technology designed to protect the plastic’s surface.”

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Kernow North America, has announced that they will be taking over the Mohawk Digital Synthetic product line. Under the agreement, Kernow North America will begin manufacturing and supplying distribution customers of Mohawk Digital Synthetics with the full range of KernowPrint, KernowPrint Pro, and KernowPrint Pro-Lite synthetic papers directly.

In addition, Kernow will be expanding their offering to include a new range of printable films featuring their proprietary KernowPrint coatings for dry-toner and Cobalt Coating Technology for HP Indigo. This expanded range will launch with a brand-new rigid vinyl (PVC) option for customers previously using Mohawk’s digital PVC. The full line up will provide printers with a broad selection of digitally printable films that include polyester, polypropylene, synthetic paper, and the new rigid vinyl (PVC), along with a broad selection of pressure sensitive options.

“Mohawk has been an incredible partner to many distributors and printers in the industry. They have built a strong reputation and trust amongst their customers for the value of their products and ability to deliver solutions to the print market,” Bosy Colak, President of Kernow North America. “As they move forward into the next phase of their business, Kernow will be stepping in to continue supplying customers with the quality and service that they have relied on for years. Our goal in this transition is to make it as seamless as possible while providing customers with the same proven certified solutions they have been using for years along with new developments by Kernow Coatings.”

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Friday, 10 April 2020 20:47

Be.tex by bergertextiles

Few years ago bergertextile introduced to the digital market one of the first sustainable textiles for large format digital printing. Now few months from the beginning of 2020 and true to the motto: “be.responsible”, bergertextile presents its expanded product range with sustainable textiles for brilliant printing applications.

In addition to the be.tex Samba FR bergertextiles introduces two more green products, made from 100% recycled yarn (rePET – PET bottle recycling), called be.tex Green Revolution FR and be.tex Green Valuetex FR, which are specially designed for display frame systems.

be.tex Samba FR

Facts: 160 / 260 / 320 cm width, 195 g/m², 1 % stretch
Applications: Lightboxes

be.tex Green Revolution FR

Facts: 160 / 260 / 320 cm width, 180 g/m², 1 - 3 % stretch
Applications: Banner, Pop-Up Displays, Table Cloth

be.tex Green Valuetex FR

Facts: 320 cm width, 150 g/m², 1-4 % stretch
Applications: Banner, Pop-up Displays, Table Cloth

How does used PET bottles become a textile?

The yarn for this textile is obtained from used PET bottles in a GRS-certified process. Approximately 12 used 1.5 liters PET bottles yield one square meter of textile. Used PET-bottles are cleaned in a water-saving manner, shredded into small flakes and processed into granulate. This is melted, converted into fibers, spun into yarn and finally processed into new bergertextiles. 100 % recycled.


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