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Epson Expands its Lineup of PrecisionCore Printheads Epson expands its lineup of PrecisionCore printheads

Epson Expands its Lineup of PrecisionCore Printheads

In response to an accelerated shift in the commercial and industrial sectors to digital printing Seiko Epson expand its lineup of PrecisionCore printheads.

Epson has developed three new printheads (D3000-A1R, S3200-A3, I3200(8)-A1HD that will be released in the second half of the 2021 fiscal year (ending March 2022). The demand for digital printing with water-based ink has risen in recent years due to a desire to mitigate the environmental impact of printing. The three new products will help accelerate the transition to low-waste, low environmental impact digital printing of things such as textiles, packages, and decorations.


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