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3D Printing in 2021 Designer Danit Peleg, Tel Aviv, completed a line of ready-to-wear outfit made on 3D printers, 400 hours per outfit. (danitpeleg.com)

3D Printing in 2021

3D printing has changed the way we make everything from home-made toys to spacecrafts or satellite parts and even buildings.

Mayor brands have already unveiled shoes and clothing made via 3D printing, in which plastic (usually recycled) is deposited layer upon layer to create a three-dimensional structure.

One of the first and revolutionary implementers of 3d printing in fashion is Danit Peleg, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Danit launched a revolutionary platform on her website that allows customers to order and personalize their own 3D printed garments. The Danit Peleg 3D Team works closely with both material researchers and printing companies to realize the dream of making 3D printing in fashion accessible to everyone.

‘THE BIRTH OF VENUS’, Danit Peleg’s 2018 collection of 3D printed clothes. (danitpeleg.com)

The team also aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by drastically cutting waste and pollution. This means disrupting traditional fashion supply chains and ultimately creating a more sustainable, hopeful alternative for the future.

The intricate pattern and the flexible plastic is what provides the flexibility and ability to become a comfortable wearing piece of outfit. (danitpeleg.com)

Design aspects

Additive manufacturing as seen on other art and other applications, allows for intricate designs normally not found in regular production methods, this innovation allows for easier production of complicated articles for the fashion industry, such as garments, ornaments, and meshes, that otherwise, would have been expensive or impossible to create with other manufacturing techniques.

Harmonograph Dress, 3D printed by Stratasys, 3D printing gives the fashion designers freedom in terms of geometrical complexity.


Certainly most of 3D printed Clothes and fashion outfits are not as comfortable as regular textile made ones, but that’s what new designers as Danit peleg are striving for, create comfortable 3D printed clothes that anyone would wear on daily basis. The Kinematics Dress is a one piece produced with a 3D printer. The dress is characterized by its light and delicate see-through form, but the dress is actually printed as is using thousands of large and small triangular, interlocking components. The makers made the amazing technical realization that, because each dress is printed out in a folded state, dresses larger than the printers’ output sizes could be produced.

it is possible to do a 3D scan and model the wearers’ bodies before printing to guarantee a perfect fit (youfab.info)

The environmental sustainable aspects offered by 3D printing are becoming quite important, as seen, recycled plastic and biodegradable materials can be used to 3D print fashion clothing and accesories.

Several companies are developing new 3D printing techniques and new materials, 3D printed designs made for fashion shows are still present as the technology is still suitable and relatively affordable. Now a day, comfort is becoming the key to new 3D printed fashion projects.

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