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INX low migration inks

The new GelFlex-EB gel-based inks from INX are low migration inks for flexible packaging, these reduce package weight since there is no need for a lamination layer. GelFlex-EB inks can also be used for household, industrial, outdoor, and pet food and pet care products.

“We understand there are specific expectations of brand owners, converters and printers, ranging from maintaining the print quality of graphics to providing yearly cost reductions through improved efficiencies and package light-weighting. GelFlex-EB inks address these concerns and present several opportunities,” remarked Renee Schouten, INX director of marketing.

“Printers can reduce their overall ink consumption and experience energy savings, compared to conventional solvent or water-based flexo inks,” said Schouten. “Additional cost savings are possible by eliminating lamination layers for flexible packaging and using various decorative and special effects coatings in their place. From a presentation viewpoint, these inks also open the door for new point-of-sale interactions and experiences with consumers.”

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