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Multicam 3000/5000 Series WaterJet for Glass and Ceramic Multicam 3000/5000-Series CNC Waterjet

Multicam 3000/5000 Series WaterJet for Glass and Ceramic

Made in the USA the MultiCam 3000/5000 Series Waterjet CNC it’s an easy-to-use, production cutting solution with optional 5-axis designed for cutting glass range of substrates.

The 3000/5000-Series CNC Waterjet options include pneumatic drill, chiller for intensifier, air ballast water-leveling system, closed loop filtration system, and abrasive removal system. Every MultiCam 3000/5000 Series Waterjets comes with the full support of the MultiCam Technology Center network.

Powered by KMT Waterjet SL-VI pump at 60,000psi/4,137bar, its high-pressure waterjet machining offers advantages when working with a wide range of substrates; allowing cutting highly accurate parts with excellent finish and no heat-affected edge.


Waterjet Options

Stone and tile machining

Full range of table sizes (4’ X 4’ to 20’ X 60’+)

Job shop (general parts fabrication)

Full range of intensifiers (30 HP to 200 HP)

Metal cutting (all metals)

60K and 90K PSI options

Aerospace machining (non heat-affected edge)

Abrasive and pure water heads

Automotive parts manufacturing

Multiple heads for simultaneous machining of parts

Gasket manufacturing (rubber products)

Closed water filtration systems

Foam cutting

Abrasive removal systems

Glass/ceramics machining


Carpet cutting (pure water)



Waterjet Options

Waterjet Options

Z-Axis Clearance



Z-Axis Travel






Cut Speed

2100 IPM

53.34 MPM

Rapid Traverse

1500 IPM

38.1 MPM

Drive System (X,Y)

Rack & Pinion

Rack & Pinion

Drive System (Z)

Ball Screw

Ball Screw

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