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dp Polar AMpolar i2- Industrial series 3D printer with XAAR printhead Based in Germany, dp Polar designs, develops and delivers industrial 3D printing systems for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and consumer industries.

dp Polar AMpolar i2- Industrial series 3D printer with XAAR printhead

The revolutionary AMpolar i2 brings several features and advantages to printing Additive Manufacturing parts on a truly industrial scale.

First introduced in Formnext 2019, the AMpolar i2’s patented Additive Manufacturing process uses an array of Xaar 1003 printheads to jet parts at volume, and at a significantly reduced cost when compared to traditional 3D printing machines.

The highly productive single-pass printing process delivers build volumes of up to 700 liters across its pioneering, continuously rotating print platform.


The printer employs the manufacturer’s proprietary technology, called High-Speed Rotative AM Process (HSR), which as its name suggests uses a one of a kind, constantly rotating print platform to create several parts at a time. (dppolar.de)

In terms of capabilities, the printer has a multi-process ability where additional automated equipment can be integrated within the printing process.


For example, it is possible to combine the rotating print platform with a fully automated pick-and-place process that will pick up parts and place it in a position as printing is resumed to complete the fixture. (dppolar.de)

The 3D printer has two different modes of production, the Manufacturing Mode and the Prototyping Mode. In the MM mode, the user will benefit from the platform’s large build volume for series production. On the other hand, in the PM mode, the focus will be to enable high speed rapid prototyping due to shorter cycle-time.


In fact, the AMpolar i2 is equipped with three individual print stations, allowing the production of multi-material parts very quickly. (dppolar.de)

The German company dp polar has partnered with ALTANA AG, a leading specialty chemicals company, to offer tailored materials for its platform.


Cubik Ink is their material suite, with each material available in transparent and various colors. (dppolar.de)


Another feature on the AMpolar i2 are the water soluble support materials that allows quick and automatic removal of all support structures. There is no need for additional chemicals or mechanical treatments. (dppolar.de)

As we covered in previous articles, the Xaar 1003 printhead combines highly accurate drop placement, consistent drop volume and high frequency jetting with variable drop size capability to deliver precise functional fluid control. This is essential for precise production patterns and surface characteristics.

Mike Seal, Xaar’s Business Development Manager, Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Printheads said; “dp polar’s use of the Xaar 1003 printhead and the innovative design of the AMpolar i2, shows the natural progression of photopolymer jetting from a prototyping technology to a true manufacturing process; a transition we are seeing more and more within functional inkjet applications”.


the Xaar 1003 printhead family is a versatile line with several use cases, including 3D printing (Xaar.com).

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