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2020 Summer decor trends to renovate  your home while the quarantine is still on Cover images are courtesy of Amazon, HGTV, and Wallsauce

2020 Summer decor trends to renovate your home while the quarantine is still on

Summer is here, but we actually are spending much more time at home these days, so it’s important for you to feel comfortable and good in your own space. The best thing about the quarantine, is that people is spending their time by upgrading and sprucing up their homes.

Since it is summer, it is obvious that trends come with bright colors and bold patterns, so here are some ideas for you to add the summer vibe to your homes while the quarantine is still on:

PLAID everywhere

Plaid, gingham and check have returned from the past and they are strongly seen on décor trends, so adding some fresh colored plaid like lime or pistachio in cushions, a bold wallpaper, a flower pot or even a kitchen decor can easily update your living room or any other area in your home.

Plaid cushions

Plaid cushions. Photo courtesy of Freedom Tree.

Flowers and many more flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Vibrant and giving so much life to any room, flowers are the best way to brighten up a space. A statement vase is also a great way to focus the eye. Even flowered wallpaper could be a nice way of changing.

Flower wallpaper

Flower wallpaper. Photo courtesy of Domino.

Tropical twist

Any tropical print screams summer immediately, so adding touches of this colorful print is a good one.

Tropical wallpaper decor

Tropical wallpaper decor. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Some shells

Shells are a great way to add little details to your space and if you can’t go to the beach right now, you could bring the beach to you. It spreads the summer vibe around the room and it also can look really nice if it is done correctly. An example could be a jewelry little dish, a lamp shade or even a towel holder on the wall.

Shell decor

Shells for home. Photo courtesy of Anna Spiro, House Beautiful.

Desk lamps

Changing lamps or just lamp shades could be a great and easy upgrade to a room. You may want to try some rose gold applications, or any vibrant color like yellow or any warm color that matches your room decor, also marble details looks really good.

Vibrant lamp shade

Vibrant lamp shade. Photo courtesy of Anna Spiro, House Beautiful.

Natural wood elements

Obviously any wood could work great all year long, but if you are trying to have a little more of a summer vibe, definitely try lightest woods and try to match it with whites and lighter colors.

Light wood home decor

Light wood home decor. Photo courtesy of Aedriel.

Tie-dye trend

Tie-dye is definitely not for everyone, I know this, but the truth is that this trend from the past has had a strong comeback this year and many people is wearing it on their clothes, but how fun would it be to add a touch of this popular trend on a cushion, a flower vase, or why not, a sheer curtain?

Tie-dye trend

Tie-dye trend for home decor. Photo courtesy of HGTV.

Pastels and calm

Pastel colors give a soft, calming feeling to your home. Some ways to implement it is through wall paint or wallpapers, or if you want to go easier, you may try little accessories and decorative elements.

Pastel home decor. Photo courtesy of Wallsauce.

So now you have some ideas, but there are tons of ways you can spruce up your home and give it a summer vibe on these time of the year.

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