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3D Printing Décor Spirula Speakers are the perfect shape for sound delivery, these are world’s first speakers that have been 3D printed from sand and it is a limited edition release from Deeptime.

3D Printing Décor

3D printing has opened a whole new range of possibilities in numerous directions, including interior design and decor. Several designers have experimented and adopted this technology, several online communities exist around this topic, meaning you can now 3D print your own furnish and decorate your home or office with DIY objects.

With 3D printing you can do more than just furnish your house, you can create the mood and bring magic to any setting. You can infuse your home with your own unique personality, with 3D printed décor accessories going from the functional to the peculiar.

Speaker Systems

Additive manufacturing has several advantages, one of them is the variety of materials that can be used, some materials require new techniques, even some unconventional materials can be used to create functional and artistic design. Acoustic-wise, having the ability to mold and design a resonating chamber can exploit several complex advantages over traditional manufacturing methods.

DEEPTIME, a Czech design studio specializing in audio products, has 3D printed the first commercially available audio set, the speakers are made from sand.

3D printing decor

The Spirula Speaker is the world's first speaker 3D printed with sand, made in a limited production run of 1618 pairs. (deeptime.limited)

3D printing decor

DEEPTIME developed a 3D printing method that turns sand, pigments and resins into airtight and resonance-free forms. This allows the sound system to have a great finishing quality and a audiophile grade audio experience. (deeptime.limited)

Binder jetting 3D printing technology allowed DEEPTIME to design and manufacture speaker enclosures with virtually no limits of complexity and variability of the shapes or sizes. This enabled the speaker to generate promising acoustic qualities, aimed towards demanding audiophiles.

3D printing decor

The unique design of the speaker system is quite exquisite piece worthy of a décor specialist (deeptime.limited)


The Tamu chair is created by designer Patrick Jouin. The prototype was unveiled earlier 2019 at Milan Design Week, the design is said to be inspired by nature and aims use as little material as possible. Jouin is a passionate designer and for the past 15 years, he and his agency have been exploring the uses of 3D printing in several décor collections, specially furniture.

3D printing decor

Tamu is a foldable chair which takes up less space and the least amount of material possible to make. (patrickjouin.com)

Despite its unconventional 3D printed structure, this chair is even more impressive through the fact that it’s foldable and takes up surprisingly little space when in its most compact form which also allows it to be portable. Its hinged panels can fold into one another and allow the chair to pack flat. It all makes for a strange and wonderful combination, what Jouin describes as, “a little bit of magic, and the realization that we can use less space and material as possible to design a sustainable world,” given that a perfectly 3D-printed chair should have zero waste by definition.

3D printing decor

The Tamu chair is made with polyamide, consisting of 48 hours of 3D printing and 1647 pieces composing the final product. (patrickjouin.com)

Dassault Systèmes is supporting Patrick Jouin in his approach and contributing its resources through the 3D Experience collaborative platform, to rise to a new challenge.

Whether you are a professional 3D printing hobbyist or a Designer, the ability to 3D print your own décor objects is an opportunity to explore your imagination limits. One thing is clear, there is literally no home decor that cannot be printed. You only need to find the right printer for the job.

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