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2021 Wallpaper Printing Trends

After a year of being confined to four walls, many people started redecorating their space and everything going on was about tips and tricks of making a productive home-office area and how to have a cozy, stylish and effective place for you to balance work and personal life. Wallpaper was a little forgotten before the pandemic hit us but now it has made a strong comeback and many décor and stylish wallpaper options are now in the picture and in many designer’s mouths.

There are many wallpaper designs on the market and a wide range of color schemes for you to choose from and create spectacular effects, environments and vibes depending on your décor style. Lately we’ve even seen wallpaper mounted on the ceiling: skies, optical illusions, pops of color, etc.

With make-overs from home-office, bedrooms, to living rooms and kitchens, making your space as personalized as you want, will make you feel at heaven on your own home, so it is always a good idea to check on trends to see if one or more fits into your taste. Here are some 2021 wallpaper décor trends:

Scandinavian Minimalist Geometric

Minimalistic style isn’t new into the interior décor world. Actually many people claim to like that style because in some sort of way it can be easier to accomplish in a space, but minimal geometric patterns combined with a Scandinavian style is way more fun to create and the result could be more interesting than a minimal classic look.


Courtesy of Society.

Color Bloom

Here is where bright colors meet and could bring so much fun into a space. Patterns have organic shapes but always keeping an order or structure to maintain the visual calm.


Courtesy of Hygge & West bloom.

Botanical designs

This is a classic. Flowers everywhere. Combined with the right color scheme this trend can look amazing on a space. Usually organic shapes and colors can brighten up any room.


Courtesy of Hovia.

Chevron patterns

This herringbone look twist is a trend that has been seen from fabric to pillows. Now we are seeing it printed on walls. Its bold designs make it work well with different decor styles, color schemes and patterns.


Courtesy of Seabook.

Midcentury-modern femme

Midcentury-modern style has made its entrance really strong when it comes to decor in general, patterns like feminine faces are very common now and it is because it gives a nice and strong environment without adding too many colors to the scene.


Courtesy of dropitmodern.

Animal prints

We’ve seen animal prints on clothes for over decades and it is almost considered as a classic pattern for the fashion industry. The trend here is a bit different: now they are doing it to wallpaper but not just the print all over the wall, but with animals in the pattern which reminds me of Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and many other designer brands that incorporate this trend to their fabric pieces.


Courtesy of Lynn Chalk.


Who doesn’t think real marble looks incredible? Marble has been a trend for over a decade and we’ve also seen it on peel-and-stick for floor tiles, kitchen and bathroom tops. Now the trend is incorporating this print to entire walls. Some have a twist with pops of colors or shimmery colors. I’m not sure about this one, but would you give it a chance?


Courtesy of Wallsauce.

Colorful Abstracts

The most important thing with abstracts is that it can be adapted to any space depending on its measurements, lights, and any furniture. So making a personalized abstract wall could even be a unique master art piece of your own. It also has no rules when it comes to structured patterns, warm or cold schemes.


Courtesy of Hovia.

So if you are planning to renovate your space, this trends may help you decide which one fits you better considering what you already have or what you’re planning to buy.

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