Key Packaging Functions

Packaging has been a part of products for so long, and it sometimes may seem like it is just another way for transportation or a way to make our products look good when they are sealed, but in reality, there is so much behind packaging, that in some occasions it can play a crucial job when it comes to the customer trying to decide whether to buy a product or not.

There are some key functions to create a good packaging and here are 7 of them to keep in mind if you are creating one for your products:


The first one and the more obvious is clearly to protect the products. Choosing the right materials is as important as the main product because when you are transporting it, you need a good way to be sure your products will get safely wherever you send it. Handling and loading also need to be easy when you are transporting mass products. This is where I understand why a board box has been the solution for decades. It may be green, it’s cheap and it works.

Meeting customer needs

There are some products that have very specific and special details that need to be clear to the customer, this could be a special ingredient, a material, chemical, etc. That in some cases people are whether looking for or avoiding, so it is crucial to specify all of this information, in order to help clients to know if this is the right product for them or not.

Providing information

Depending on the kind of product you are selling, obviously you may need to make clear to the customer some specs and important information like related warnings, warranty timings, expiration dates, etc.

Communicating product identity

Many well-positioned brands have their own brand identification method, and packaging many times can be by your side to help customers create brand recognition and to establish yours among many other brands. Imagine you have a fridge full of sodas and each of them has its own tag but no logos… will you be able to tell which one is what by just seeing its brand colors? I know I will, because they have good brand recognition, and if I have known the product and I’ve liked it, I would probably continue buying it and therefore recognizing it.


No matter what people say or think, a good-looking packaging will always stand out or be more buyable than a bad one. I don’t think I know anyone who will buy an ugly product before a more attractive one when both have the same price. Why would anyone? And actually, there are many people out there that specifically look for great packaging just to collect them and display them. Obviously, this could be the case for some specific products but not all.

So, these are important steps to keep in mind, obviously, there is so much behind a package and there are different kinds of them (primary, secondary, and thirdly) and as a friendly reminder, always keep in mind that sustainable packaging is being bought for many more people these days, and also you can help our planet by having them.

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