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BIGREP Pro, Fast Industrial 3D Prints The BigRep PRO is an industrial large format 3D printer with IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, it also includes remote operation and data collection features with cloud-based analytics.

BIGREP Pro, Fast Industrial 3D Prints

Founded in Germany, 2014, BigRep’s vision is to innovate the 3D printing and manufacturing business. Opening to a new dimension of 3D printing and 3D manufacturing.

BigRep has developed machines that prints with engineering-grade materials to ensure users can manufacture the applications they need, in large scale.

BigRep printers are designed for industrial applications, BigRep developed its proprietary Metering Extruder Technology (MXT®), unlike from regular FDM (fused deposition modeling) also known as FFF, MXT is a faster and more accurate extrusion technique, this helps reduce regular FDM extrusion issues and helps to produce faster prints, thus eliminating some limitations of FFF extrusion.

MXT® technology relies on a chamber of fused filament that is later pushed by a highly accurate servo motor.

The inclusion of a Bosch Rexroth CNC Control System brings new IoT features to industrial additive manufacturing for industry 4.0 integration. With tools like remote operation, data collection, cloud-based analytics and more, the BigRep PRO ensures seamless production by enabling print quality monitoring and fleet management anytime and anywhere.

Most recently BigRep introduced a 3D printer rental service, this leasing platform is available across North America.

“For the first time, our service makes a large-format industrial 3D printer available to new customers or small- to mid-sized businesses looking for a hassle-free and flexible turnkey AM solution at an affordable rate,” says Frank Marangell, BigRep CBO and President of BigRep America. “Facing a challenging economic environment and volatile markets, customers today want quick and flexible solutions without big investments or long-term obligations. By making 3D printing available today, BigRep is helping companies stay ahead of the curve with an agile manufacturing solution to be even more competitive tomorrow.”

BigRep has a variety of 3D printers, for different industrial needs , from left to Right, BigRep Studio (special for abrasive material Industrial 3D printing), BigRep One (large format accessible Industrial 3D printer) and BigRep Pro (fast and reliable large format industrial 3D printer).

All in all, the BigRep machines are a viable option for small businesses and manufacturers looking for an industrial-grade 3D printer that is relatively affordable and has a larger build volume, especially to industries and processes where reliability and repetitive prints are a must.

BigRep studio is a large format 3D printer with a fully enclosed, temperature-controlled chamber, with a build size of 1000 x 500 x 500 (mm).

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