Esko partners with Asahi

Esko win partner with Asahi, pioneer of flexography, to collaborate on developing an innovative and automated flexo plate making solution.

Pascal Thomas, Director of Flexo Business with Esko, added: “At Esko, we have long been dedicated to improving the platemaking experience, in terms of quality, productivity and connectivity. Together with Asahi Photoproducts, we are taking the flexo platemak-ing process to a brand new level, enabling our customers to be even more competitive while also ensuring they can meet today’s demands for flexible and sustainable supply.

Our aim, by collaborating with Asahi, is to deliver a cleaner, more environmentally bal-anced operation, that simplifies the print form making process, improves safety and cre-ates higher print quality consistency. The ultimate objective is to improve our custom-ers’ overall business performance and profitability.”

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