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INTAMSYS FLEX 510 INTAMSYS introduces their new FLEX 510 high-speed 3D printer for flexible materials production.


The 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS introduces their new FLEX 510 high-speed 3D printer for flexible materials production. The FLEX 510 is specially designed for producing sporting goods, medical rehabilitation equipment, tooling & fixtures and more. The FLEX 510 has been provided with the Smart eXtruder Bay System (SXBS) technology which enables a seamless design and manufacturing connection.

Flexible materials such as TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), combines the characteristics of plastic and rubber, and can produce elastic, highly durable, bendable or compressed parts, which are one of the best choices for sporting goods design, fashion design and medical rehabilitation equipment.

INTAMSYS’s SXBS technology can manage up to four nozzles which can freely be switched during the printing process, and can print up to four different TPU materials or four different colors per print, enhancing the printing efficiency.

The printer also incorporates the High Speed Flexible Material Extrusion (HSFE) technology, a high-speed flexible material extrusion technology developed by INTAMSYS, which solves one of the industry biggest challenges, a slow process caused by flexible materials being too soft to feed through the system at a fast pace.

The printing efficiency can be increased thanks to an independent dual-nozzle configuration that can achieve duplicate printing or mirror printing, at an ultra-fast pace.


INTAMSYS FLEX 510 3D printer for flexible materials production. Photo courtesy www.intamsys.com



Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) flexible materials. Photo courtesy www.intamsys.com

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